Name: Amro
Age: Looks 30-40's, actually older
Height: 5'7"
Hair: Long, straight black hair
Eyes: Black or glowing red

About: Amro is actually some kind of fire elemental. He was captured by a demon and forced into servitude for hundreds of years. Amro's intelligence is pretty high, though, and with the help of a star he managed to trick the demon while passing through a portal to the human world. The demon was henceforth trapped within an obsidian sword that Amro keeps carefully guarded at all times. He has been in the human world for nearly 1,000 years at this point and has developed many human characteristics though he retains a very hostile, hot headed, humorless persona. He's not "evil" however the main reason he doesn't simply kill whoever annoys him is that he's trying to fit in, not because he is morally against it. In the present time he works as the court astrologer in Sria City.

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Appearance: Amro is of average height with smooth black hair that is usually mid-back in length and tied up into complex hairstyles. He is often wearing fancy colorful clothing, embroidered in gold with sashes and robes, etc. He could be seen as a fire spirit or an adventurer. He always appears to be in his mid 30's despite his true age.

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Abilities: Being a fire spirit grants Amro the ability to use fire however he wants. He can produce it into his hands or in his environment. He can even take form as fire, though he rarely would do that. After thousands of years in a human form he doesn't want to destroy it. He also has the demon sword, which he is proficient with and once used as a weapon. These days he keeps it hidden, but he is still capable of using it or any other scimitar-style sword. High level guy, most people aren't going to be able to kill him.

art by me:

guest art:

Sarah Petrulis:[1][2]

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