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I actually use this page a lot, myself. Much more organzied than my browser's bookmarks, heh.
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Wolf Stuff
International Wolf Center - Great resource on Wolves and current events.
Save Our - Site with info and action to support wolves in the USA.
r/Wolves - Subreddit with great wolf news and content.
Living With Wolves - Page with concise info, timelines, maps, and stats. Interesting study of captive wolves.
Voyageur's Wolf Project - Study on wild wolves in Minnesota.
Wolf Conservation Center on Twitch - Watch wolves on twitch!
Timberwolf Information Network
Wolf Song of Alaska - tons of information and news from around the world.
Wolf DOS game (1994) - Hosted at MyAbandonware. Nostalgic Simulation!
Art galleries
and resources

Atlas of Places -Neat collection of hi-res paintings among other things.
Vivian Maier Photography - I like the photos.
Elfquest Comic Viewer - A collection of Elfquest comics online.
Read Berserk Manga Online - The whole comic on a site with a great layout to use.
British Library on Flickr - Tons of galleries of historical drawings, etc.
3D Scan Store - The previews are good for references!
Diane Savona - Awesome textile/fiber art.
Smithsonian 3D Collection - Useful for reference and cool otherwise.
The Eye of Photogtaphy - Photography news and features.
Library of Congress - Free to use and re-use section.
Shorpy - American Historical Photo Archive.
Posemaniacs - Poses!
Sketchfab 3D models - Great for reference.


GifCities - Neat collection of old web graphics.
Yesterweb's Link Page - A shitload of awesome links, some of which I have listed here as well.
Wayback Machine/Internet Archive - Look for old websites and media.
Art Bits from HyperCard - old graphics from mac computers. domain is cool overall, too.
Cameron's World - A beautiful art project that has collected and displayed old graphics.
The 88x31 GIF Collection - Crazy collection of 88x31 banners
Windows 98 Icon Viewer - Collection of Windows 98 Icons.
Sadgirl.Online - A great resource for website building. - A collection of old school graphics for your website.
Geocities Gallery - Visual archive of restored geocities sites.
Velvetyne - Free and Open Source fonts.
Grid Garden - Game for learning CSS.

Music and
Rio's Clawhammer Banjo Tabs - Nice little site with a bunch of tabs with recordings.
Free Music Archive - Lots of neat music is here to listen to/download.
Fluidvolt's Soundfonts - Soundfonts from classic games for use with your DAW.
Musical Artifacts - Collection of soundfonts, virtual instruments, etc. Many from old games.
Theo's Chord Generator - Figure out any chord for any tuning/string arrangement.
Folk Music Notebook - streaming live radio.
Fond/Sound - A great music blog. Lots of obscure experimental Japanese 80's - 90's music.
Every Noise at Once - A cool page that lists thousands of musical genres with examples.
Radio Garden - Live radio stations on the global map!
And Artists

Talathia/Grungecat's Website
Job Satisfaction Webcomic
Kid Commander Webcomic
Unsounded WebComic
Digger WebComic
Ava's Demon Webcomic

Random Stuff - Search for any tag on tumblr.
Facade - Free online tarot readings, they often feel like darker interpretations to me.
Aeclectic Tarot Meanings - I kinda like how this site explains the cards. - Narrow gauge railroad historical archive.
Steam Locomotive Archive - Another historical archive about trains.
Attention K-Mart Shoppers - A collection of K-mart's store tapes on Internet Archive.
Vimm's Lair - Videogame nostalgia, manual scans, emulation, etc.
Across - Japanese stree fashion site with archives back to the 80's.
Folkstreams - Archive of documentary footage relating to american folk culture. - Features collections of old photos and things.
Smithsonian Open Access - Wider collection of stuff including recordings, art, 3D scans, etc.
Gutenburg - Free eBooks.
The Last Hundred Miles - Amazing journal of a gay man in the 70's-80's.
Yoh-Chu-Sha Page - A small page about a very obscure Japanese band that I love.
Picrew - Cute site to make custom avatars and icons.
JT's Blocks - A copy of the old game from Yahoo! games.
Sumotori Dreams - Hilarious indy game, free download. Recommended.
Digital: A Love Story - Free nostalgic game based on BBS's of the past.
Church of The Subgenius - A fun religion started by Bob Dobbs the salesman.
The Church of Don - Don smokes Bob in his pipe, I guess.
Backdoor Jobs - Resource for short-term and seasonal jobs.
NOAA Digital Coast Tools - Various tools including sea level rise maps. Good for land hunters.
FEMA's National Flood Hazard Layer Viewer - Useful tool if you're shopping for land.
Mastering Core Teaching of The Buddha - Complete book online free.
TWC Classics - An archive of Weather Channel music and videos, etc.
Lights (At Sea) - Map of Lighthouses and bouys, real time blinking.
NHK Live - Live stream of NHK's network.
Noclip - Nostalgic collection of environments from video games.

updated: 2022-08-05