Name: Rupal
Age: Mid 20's
Height: 5'
Hair: Long, straight black hair
Eyes: Turqoise

About: Rupal is a thief and general rogue. She was born in a temple and raised along with many other girls as intended priestesses and eventual sacrifices to a powerful goddess. Skip ahead a few years: she has destroyed the temple, befriended the goddess, and run away to the grand cities on the desert coast to enjoy a vibrant life of pick-pocketing and performance art! She throws knives with expert precision. The goddess, who communicates with her regularly, is fixated on destroying a demon. Rupal is content to ignore that responsibility in favor of petty theft and running her gang.

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Appearance: Rupal is usually dressed in baggy pants or skirts, coined belts and scarves, chunky earrings, bangles, and a supportive top. Her body type is shorter and more full figured. Her hair is long and she often wears it up in various styles. There are tattoos that depict ocean waves around her lower legs. Knives are always on her hip. She does like make-up. She could be depicted as clean or dirty. She prefers to look clean with new clothes. But sometimes that just isn't happening, the city is rough.

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Abilities: Rupal is extremely proficient with throwing knives and she always has a pair of small knives on her person. She was trained during her years in the temple and so it is second nature to her. She even uses the knives to perform and make money. She isn't really attuned to the spirit world with the exception of the Goddess, whom she can communicate with but refuses to obey.

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Sarah Petrulis:[1][2]
Amy Clark Anderson: [1][2]

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