Name: Kano
Age: Mid 30's
Height: 6'1"
Hair: Naturally straight but often styled in a visual-kei fashion
Eyes: dark brown, or light contacts

About: Kano is the rockstar of the Interstellar Superleague, the most prominent guntrap racing league in the Galaxy Alliance. Until he was caught cheating and ejected amidst a massive media explosion that boosted his fame even more. This is all well and good for Kano. Scruples aren't really his thing. Fame and racing are all he really cares about, and when he realized he could do just as well as a villian he embraced it. The next best platform for racing is the X-Circuit, so that is where he finds himself. He doesn't like the idea that he'll be on his sister's turf but he is confident. Kano may be cocky and spoiled but he isn't famous for nothing. He is an expert racer who is both skilled and dangerous, willing to embrace the deadlier aspects of the sport. His temper is to be feared.

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Appearance: He's tall, he works out. He looks good in a racing jumpsuit. He spares no expense or effort in cultivating his appearance; vanity is his thing. He is often seen in hairstyles that rival that of visual-kei bands. When he isn't in a jumpsuit he dresses very stylishly in eyecatching, sharp looks. If there's a camera around, Kano is striking a pose.

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Connections: Paulie is Kano's rival sister. He has nothing but contempt for her though he doesn't go out of his way to try and hurt her if it's inconvenient. For now he feels forced to play nice with her. Ma'She'Kr is Kano's trusted bodyguard. Ellie is a comeptitor on the track that Kano doesn't really take seriously and wouldn't mind knocking out.

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