Name: Paulie
Age: Mid 30's
Height: 5'
Hair: Naturally straight but often styled, black cherry color
Eyes: dark brown

About: Pauli is a gangster and entrepreneur. She is running a huge business; she owns an entire planet as well as one of the biggest casinos and X-Circuit racetracks in the quandrant. She comes from a powerful family. She wore black for a year after her father died, but the popular rumor is that she killed him herself. Now that she has total control of her family's assets, nothing stops her from playing the games she likes to play. Paulie hates gambling with her own affairs and seeks to have complete control over everything in her life. She's cold and calculating and always has a knife behind her back. Her hair pins actually are knives, literally, and her bracelet is a taser. There are not many who would risk crossing her. Her casino is called "Medusa's Jewel" and the clientel and employees refer to her as "Medusa" in hushed tones.

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Appearance: Physically she is a very small person. She does not look formidable, however her eyes are capable of a chilling, murderous stare that usually intimdates anyone into doing what she wants. If the glare won't do it, her highered muscle will. She usually has her hair styled into a 1920's-esque waved bob. She wears dark makeup and has a flapper/futuristic/dominatrix style to her clothing. Catsuits, patent leather, business suits with sharp shoulders, feather boas, heels, jewelry, etc. She always looks fancy and intimidating and beautiful.

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Connections: Lanza is Paulie's ex. She outgrew him and found his unpredictable behavior to be a liability. She tells herself (and him) that she will have no problem killing him if he gets in her way. Kano is Paulie's brother with whom she has always had a rivalry (and still does).

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Sarah Petrulis:[1][2]
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