X-Circuit follows the adventures of Ellie, an aspiring race car driver, as she traverses outer space in search of opportunities! She's been freelancing for years: courier jobs, transport, smalltime races, any job she can get. Now she's finally got a "guntrap" vehicle and that means she can compete in the big time!

This comic has been a long time in the making. I first drew Ellie, or some version of her, in 2006. Lanza came along in 2007. Slowly the universe took shape and the characters evolved. I've been drawing them for years and disjointedly piecing together a story. I drew the first page sometime in 2015, I think. The rest have followed at a staggeringly slow and unpredictable pace. I can't promise that will change, but... it feels good to at least have a home for this passion project!

There are many inspirations for this comic. First and foremost, a childhood spent playing sci-fi racing games like "F-Zero" and "Rock n' Roll Racing". "Star Fox" would have to count as another huge influence along with shows like "Speed Racer" (and the 2008 Speed Racer movie, heck yeah). Anime like "Initial D" and "Redline" really get me goin'. Then there's the absolutely abysmal series of movies known as "Death Race" which I don't really like but yet I can't look away. And of course the classic sci-fi show "Firefly"! Influence from all of these things will probably be pretty obvious in X-Circuit and I'm quite happy with that. :>

Many thanks to my friend GrungeCat for hosting the site!

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About the Creator:

I'm Ray! I'm uh, a nerd. I guess. I dunno. Technically I'm a millennial. I draw stuff! Check out these links to my other web accounts/projects. I'll probably post updates to X-Circuit on these sites if I remember:

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